How Do You Want To Learn?

Instruction and training in all it’s forms are custom-tailored to fit you and your horse’s individual needs. Explore the options below for the right fit.

Planned Clinics

Starting in April, 2023

When a clinic becomes available I will post an announcement on the ‘Instruction’ and Home page.


$15 haul in fee per horse

Working Equitation Obstacle Clinics

Starting hopefully in April I will hold a monthly (or twice monthly depending on demand) WE obstacle clinic where I will work with small groups and go over 4-6 WE obstacles that are typically seen in the WE show ring. Doing 4 of these clinics throughout the spring/summer will allow you to work on most WE obstacles you would encounter in the show ring. Clinics would be approximately 2 hours long with a maximum of 5 riders. 


Off-Horse Learning Seminars

I am planning on setting up regular learning seminars that are done off our horses…specifically in a classroom setting with a whiteboard or out in the arena using props or even a demo horse if needed. These would be a short discussion or demonstration on a particular subject, sometimes involving group participation or activities, followed by a question and answer period. Topics could include anything from riding concepts, in-hand work, understanding laterals, how to set up a work routine for your horse, understanding a WE show routine, to how to braid and prep your horse for shows. There might also be the possibility of guest presenters for specific subjects.

Not to exceed 2 hours and done during a later afternoon or evening time for convenience. Refreshments and snacks would be provided.


Ride a Test Clinics

This is a great way to practice a dressage test and would typically be done following lessons where you have learned more riding techniques. The format would be to ride your dressage test of choice in front of me (positioned at C just like a judge). I will not assist in any way during your ride but will make notes. After a brief recap, you will ride the test again with my help for the movements that need improvement. Instruction will focus on doing the movement correctly. It will not be detailed instruction in HOW to do the movement because your lesson work prior to this clinic will have worked on these details. This will be help to remind you of what needs to be done during a test and how to improve it. These rides will be approximately 30-45 minutes long and will help to illuminate the things you’ll want to address in upcoming lessons and give you a feel for a show format (with timing and pressure). Rides will be done individually and you will have a specific time slot. Max of 6 people per day.

My clinic schedule is currently contingent on the construction of the facility I’m working out of. There are many exciting developments for the beautiful 10 acres I’m calling “Home”! The goal is to begin offering these clinic fomats in April, 2023 but this may be pushed out dependant on weather and typical construction delays. I will put up notifications when these become available so ‘stay tuned’! Feel free to reach out to my via email, text, or phone.