Horses for Lessons & Lease

What I’m Offering

I have two horses I can use for lessons, one of whom is also available for a lease. I am in the process of “making” additional horses for lesson or lease use so be sure to check back. The details of my lesson and lease horses are given below. 

Lesson or Lease

What’s With This?

Mostly I am about helping people with THEIR own horses but there are occasions when a lesson horse is suitable for some people. Since I don’t run a lesson program WITH lesson horses, the horses I offer for lessons are for people who are in the process of buying their own horse, for people trying out the lesson horse as a possible lease option, or for a client that needs to feel a particular movement and how to ask for it but their horse isn’t trained for it yet. Therefore I consider my lesson horses as short-term solutions, or, in the case where they are available for lease, long term lease horses.

Criteria for using my lesson horses: You must commit to a minimum of 4 lessons on my horses, paid up front. This is a kindness to the horse since it can be work for them to understand and adapt to someone new on their back. It is also to preserve their training. Most well-educated horses can withstand a bit of murkiness with the execution of aids, but murkiness that’s constantly changing is going to be too confusing in the long run. All my lesson horses are continuously trained by me on a regular basis and none of them will have more than two lesson people at a time except in special situations determined by me (example is being used for an occasional lunge line lesson with someone new).

Criteria for a lease horse: In order to lease one of my horses, you must have taken at least 4 lessons on it in order to determine if the horse is a suitable fit. There are two lease options available – full and part. No matter the type of lease, the horse always has one full day off per week and one day of on-going training with me per week. All lease horses require the rider to take one lesson per week with me using one of their riding days. Full time leases are 5 riding days a week with the horse not used by anyone else except for me. Part time leases are 3 riding days a week, one day for training by me, and two days of possible lesson use. Scheduling the lease horse for lessons is done with consideration to the leasees riding schedule.

Meet The Horses

Let’s Hear The Details…

Flying Cloud Clipper (Clipper)

Lesson Only

15.2hh 8 year old BLM South Steens Mustang gelding

Clipper is my personal show horse and as such he has a high level of education and a wealth of experience in many environments. He is kind, safe, and steady. I can use him for riding lesson, lung lessons, in-hand lesson, liberty lessons, bareback lessons, for people completely new to horses, or for people who want to experience advanced work with laterals, piaffe, or flying lead changes. Clipper is the kind of horse that can teach you if you are willing to put in a little work. If your fear levels are high, Clipper is happy to be a mellow, slow moving beast. 

Lesson price: $70

Note: by the end of summer 2023, Clipper’s lesson price will go up to $95 due to his high level of advanced training. Currently (as of Spring 2023), Clipper’s dance card is full.


Lesson and Lease

14hh 12 year old Quarter Pony mare

Rachel is a stunning little pony that is robust enough to take up the leg of a tall person. Rachel is well along in her education in that she knows her laterals at walk, some at trot, has lovely transitions and is working on flying lead changes. However, Rachel is a sensitive pony who has high expectations of her rider therefore she is only available to more advanced and confident riders (she is like a sports car…and she likes to canter).

Lesson price: $70

Half-lease: $300

Full-lease: $600

“I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes. Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free.” 


~ Author Unknown