How Do You Want To Learn?

Instruction and training in all it’s forms are custom-tailored to fit you and your horse’s individual needs. Explore the options below for the right fit.

Cost & Structure

Lessons are given Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, & Sun between 10am – 6pm at our facility. Haul in cost is $15 per horse/rider pair.
All lessons are done in our indoor or outdoor arena. We are putting together a trail riding lesson format for our students who have ridden in at least 4 lessons. See the main Instruction page for that option.


Private Lesson with Your Horse or Leased Horse


Private Lesson with Lesson Horse.

The price range reflects the training of the lesson horse. Lesson horses start at $70. Advanced lesson horses will know such things as lateral moves, some piaffe or passage, flying lead changes, walk-canter-walk transitions, liberty work, excellent & safe lunging skills for lunge lessons. 

2-3 People


60-90 min

Group Lesson Option

This is a great way to economize on a lesson and have fun. Group lesson formate will often entail the use of obstacles but I am open to working on whatever the group decides.

Lessons, whether individual, group, on your horse or mine, can encompass a variety of learning modalities depending on what the horse and rider need or desire. Lessons can involve any of the options listed below:


  • Use of physical props off-horse to show rider body biomechanics
  • In-hand or lunge work
  • Use of Obstacles
  • Practice or review of Dressage Tests
  • I’m riding a horse during your lesson to help you and your horse understand concepts and movements or to help settle your horse