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Beam Me Up Scotty (Scotty)

Beam Me Up Scotty (aka Scotty) is a stunning 14.3hh mustang gelding with a Teddy Bear personality and loads of talent. He was captured as a 3-1/2 y.o. wild stallion and within 3 years has proven himself to be a devoted equine companion, a trusty and fun trail mount, and a competitive Working Equitation show horse who always places in the top. Last year (2018) he was ranked #1 International WE horse at Intro with his Australian rider and #5 International WE horse at Novice A with his other Australian rider. He is ranked Nationally at #2 and #6 respectively. This year he is competing at the International WE competition in Canada and once results come in I will post those. He has also competed in numerous recognized WE shows and always places in the top, often being 1st. Judges comment on his “exceptional” canter!

This horse moves with the grace and beauty of a warmblood in a smaller, sturdier, package. His trot is so comfortable there is no need to post. His canter is uphill with a lot of jump. He would do well in the dressage ring and he also likes to jump – he’s very tidy with his legs with a beautiful bascule.

Scotty is prompt off the leg and responsive to the lightest of aids. He is developing laterals – leg yields well, understands shoulder in and haunches in, and does a trot and canter half pass quite well. We have even started flying lead changes so he understands what’s being asked and should develop those quickly.

Scotty is the same calm and thoughtful horse no matter where he goes. His ground manners and personal space are impeccable and anyone who handles him falls instantly in love. He is easy to catch, load and take anywhere (trailers exceptionally well). On the trail he is always calm and steady, can go out by himself or in a group, can lead or follow behind.



Check out the Videos of Scotty on the Care Acres Horses Youtube channel!

Working Equitation Show – Speed Round

April 2019

This phase of WE doesn’t require any finese or style…it is soley based on speed…so we just hustle however we can 😉

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Scotty’s favorite treats are bananas, carrots, and apples and if you drink a vanilla latte, he is happy to share it with you. Scotty is looking for a home where he gets lots of attention, continues his education in classical dressage and WE, gets to go to shows and fun trail rides, and has a comfy stall with lots of pasture turnout and friends to play with.

Scotty would be best going to someone who is calm and confident (even a beginner who is working with a trainer) as being a former wild horse he is sensitive to body language. UTD on all care, good for vet and farrier. Super strong feet! A show home is preferred.

Snowy O’Moment (Pearl)


Pearl is a stunning and talented 17.2hh, black, registered Irish Sport Horse mare who turned 11 this May.

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Check out all the Videos of Pearl on the Care Acres Horses Youtube channel!

Working Equitation Show – Ease of Handling

June 2019

Remmington (Remy)


This beautiful South Steens gelding has found his own person and is doing fabulously at his new home up North in Washington.

From his owner:

“He is wonderful…He has been out on trails by himself and with a group, ridden bareback and in a bitless bridle, and he hasn’t had any hesitaion going over poles…even the half foot cross rail and the one with flowers on it. We aslo rode through the sprinkler the other day. He has bonded with me and has been so easy!”

We are so very happy for Remy! Picture below of Remy at his new home.

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Tack Sales

Portuguese Surcingle/Cavesson Set

Surcingle and Cavesson training set. Made in Portugal. Great system for training the young horse for collection, lightness in front, and upper level dressage. Comes with a video from Luis Valenca on how to train the young horse using this surcingle/cavesson set. This set does not include the bridoon hanger as shown in the image of the horse wearing the equipment.

This equipment has been lightly used. The surcingle has only been used once and just briefly. The cavesson has been used several times. Equipment is in almost new condition. Sells for over $400 new plus shipping from Portugal and without the video.

$350 + shipping

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“I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes.  Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free.”

~ Author Unknown